Here’s How Non-Millionaires Can Still Look Like A Million Bucks

1. Animal prints: For a truly regal look, trying wearing some sort of animal print, which imitates the skins and furs that royals used to drape around themselves. That said, don’t make it the center of your outfit. Animal prints can make for a great “neutral” for accessories like shoes, scarves, and even gloves.

2. Black: Everyone knows that a little black dress is one of the best ways of always looking chic and sophisticated. However, wearing a washed-out piece of black clothing can have the opposite effect. Make sure your black is deep and dark!

3. Necklines: While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of your body, it’s considered in bad taste to overexpose your chest with immodest necklines. You can wear something more demure (as pictured below) and still look very attractive.

4. Heels: While there will always be crazy new trends when it comes to women’s footwear, try to opt for shoes with a classic look and feel. Avoid ridiculously high heels and overly tall platforms when it comes to footwear; go for a comfortable kitten heel, like this one. Bonus points if you find a pair in a unique print!

5. Fit: When it comes to how your clothing fits you, you want a nice, comfortable look that is tailored to your body. If you go too big, you can look sloppy. If you wear items that are sized too small, they can look a bit tacky! Always wear clothing that fits you!

6. Lace: Using lace in your ensembles is a great way to project an air of wealth, but be careful you don’t go overboard. You don’t need to wear an entirely lace shirt or dress. Simple bits of lace used to adorn an outfit is the way to go.

7. Name brands: It doesn’t matter what brand you wear as long as the clothing is clean and tailored to fit your body. If you can’t afford to buy a Chanel dress, don’t buy a Chanel T-shirt with the brand logo emblazoned on the front. That’s considered to be the opposite of elegant.

8. Neon: You can absolutely play around with color in your wardrobe and still look tres chic. If you love neon, for example, use it to break up a classic look like jeans and a T-shirt as pictured here. It’s a very grown-up look that conveys a little playfulness, too.

9. Underwear: Your clothing should hide all of your underwear, including your bra and panties. Just because an actress on the red carpet wore a sheer top to the Oscars, that doesn’t mean it’s something we should all start doing. Keep your business covered up and you’ll look classy!

10. Necklaces: While chunky statement necklaces definitely have their place, that place is not necessarily at a formal event. Rather than wear something over-the-top, opt for simple, elegant pieces of jewelry like the one pictured below.

11. Purses: When you buy your clothes, you want them to look tailored and sleek as if they were made for you. The same goes with purses. If you want to exude an air of wealth, buy a purse with nice, clean lines—not something slouchy.

12. Socks: This should be common sense, but never, ever, ever wear socks with open-toed shoes like the pair pictured below! If the weather is too cold for you to bear going without socks, then wear closed-toed shoes. It really is just that simple.

13. Combining colors: While it can be tempting to experiment with color, always keep in mind that classics like black and white are classics for a reason. Stick with these sorts of winning pairings and you’ll never go wrong.

14. Metals: If you’re plan to wear gold jewelry to an event, then all of your accessories should be gold if you want to look like the epitome of class. Mix-and-match jewelry can make a person look a little bit confused and scattered.

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