How to Live A Luxurious Lifestyle

It's easier to live a luxurious life than you might think. Simple changes to your daily routine, breaking those bad habits and learning that it's ok to put yourself first lead to more freedom, space, better relationships, quality products and a luxury lifestyle.  Incorporating these 10 simple steps into your life will show you just how easy luxury can be.

1. Slim down your schedule

Take one thing off your schedule this month that you don’t really want to do and replace it with something that brings you joy. Have a spa day, do something you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have time for, take your kids to the park, binge watch your favorite show, sleep late, anything that makes you happy or makes you feel indulgent, loved and luxurious.

2. Go tech-free for a day

Each month commit to at least one day spent away from your computer, phones and tablets. Give yourself the time and space to clear your mind and live in the moment. If you have trouble staying away from them, schedule your day out of the house so you won’t be tempted.

3. Break those bad habits

This may not seem luxurious but it is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the quality of your life. When you are able to triumph over a bad habit, you feel more confident, accomplished and in control of how you choose to live your life. It doesn’t have to be a serious vice; it can be something as simple as not making your bed each morning, eating junk food, or overbooking your schedule. Breaking a bad habit can be done in 7 steps; it’s all about setting up yourself up for success and the repetition of good practices.

4. Buy something you love…

Just because! Then find a way to use it or display it on a regular basis. If it is out of your current budget, start saving for it; put a little something away as often as you can, even if it’s just a couple of dollars. Then put a saving chart or jar with a picture of the item somewhere you will see often, so you can visualize what you’re working towards.

5. Focus on healthy living

A healthy lifestyle is a luxury lifestyle. Living a healthy, toxic free life is a simple but often ignored step to increase the luxury in your life. When you fill your life with healthy food, positive habits and a toxic free home your life will quickly change for the better. You feel more confident & energized, less stressed and breath in a cleaner environment. Detox your home and life for better quality living.

6. Try something new or learn a new skill

What are your passions? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do or try? Now is the time to stop waiting and start doing! Pick one new thing to try before the end of the year. Sign up for a class, buy the book or materials you need for a new project, join a group that already does this skill and just go for it!

7.  Build better relationships

Reach out and reconnect with someone you haven’t seen or talked to in a while but miss. Healthy and happy relationships are the most important parts of a luxury lifestyle. Having people that love you, support you and you can rely on encourages a quality lifestyle. There are so many ways to reach out: make a phone call, send a hand written note, e-mail or connect via social media. The first time reaching out to reconnect can be awkward if it has been a long time or you don’t know what to say but even a simple “Hi, I’ve missed talking to you and would love to hear how you’re doing” will get the ball rolling.

8. Take regular time outs

Take time to just do nothing. I know it feels weird in our overwhelmed, over scheduled and over stimulated lives to sit back and do nothing but it is essential to quality living and a healthy lifestyle.

9.  Go all out

At least once a year – SPLURGE: Plan a 5-star trip, whether it is to another county or just a day trip; cook a gourmet meal or dine at your favorite restaurant; have a spa day or anything that makes you feel pampered and special. Focus inward and make yourself the number one priority.

10. Start saving

Financial security is of the utmost importance to feeling luxurious every day. You don’t have to make a lot of money but being debt free, having a nest egg and not fretting about money on a daily basis is a major step in feeling stress and burden free. The key to saving is to do it often and consistently, you don’t have to save a lot each time but putting a little away without dipping into it will add up quickly.

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